I know it's a rental - but I couldn't help myself!

Published on 9 August 2023 at 08:31

After selling my house last year, I've been renting a place in Canada for my home base there and for my daughter to live. When she came to me asking to move to Saint John - I had to ask her about leaving the life she had built there behind to go. Her response - 'The ocean is calling to me'. How could I deny her this when my husband and I bought a place so close to the Gulf Coast for this very reason last year? I could not. We made the move!

There are so many historic houses in Saint John and we have been lucky enough to have found an apartment in one of these. Unfortunately, in this particular home, the kitchen cabinets were made of wood that matched the floor and countertop with no handles. It made the kitchen a sad and dark space that didn't match the rest of the house. I asked the property management company if they minded if I 'refreshed' it a bit - and they confirmed that I absolutely could. Here I go again! 

For a simple refresh of the old cabinets, all you need to do is:

  • take the hinges off the cabinets and doors
  • remove the doors / drawers
  • a light sanding of all surfaces
  • wipe everything down to remove dust
  • get moving :)


I used a crisp white Behr primer and paint combo for cabinets as well as enigma subway tiles for the backsplash. I don't know what I would do without my trusty tile saw!

Go to my reno page for 'Saint John Rental Kitchen Update' to see more photos. 


Look at how a simple change has revitalized this 'heart of the home' & breathed new life into this once drab and dull space.

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