Hi There! My name is Angel. On the brink of 50, I thought I would try something different by setting up a website and starting a blog to share some of the things I’ve done and places I have been & will go (as well as - I'm sure - many other random thoughts 😊).

When I was 12 years old, our family purchased a 100+ year old farmhouse and land. My dad started building us a new house on the land while we lived in the old homestead. Me and my siblings were recruited to help with the build. I remember spending so much time learning how to build everything; laying subfloors, standing walls in the house and watching all of our hard work build the home around us. It was such an opportunity to grow and so very rewarding.  It taught me that I can do and build mostly anything if I just put my mind to it. 

Later in my teen years I was blessed to go on a 10-day European trip with my schoolmates - visiting England, Holland, France, Belgium & Germany. How my insights on life opened up - I was hooked!

Throughout my life, through the challenges and many changes, I have kept the constant passion for these two things - and try to take and make the time to do both.

Wanting to continue passing down the experience, my two children have been included in both of these activities at one time or another in their lives. I have high hopes that as they have entered their adulthood, these things help them to be independent and keep them rounded & grounded. I have even been able to enlist my husband in my crazy ideas of travel and renovations. Late in life (five years ago) I was happily surprised to find a perfect match for me – someone who can act as equally foolish while still challenging me, and be willing to share in my crazy ideas and plans.

At least a couple times a year at a hardware store to pick up renovation supplies - a customer service man helping to load my truck asks me if I am using my husband's truck, or if 'he' minds that I am using 'his truck'.....hence the site title. I've always owned a truck, and have thought of getting personalized plates saying 'NOTHIS'... perhaps I'll look into that further this year lol.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the places I (or we) have been, and some of the renos we have done. Most are DIY – when we can 😊