Sicily House

More to Come! It's a work in progress.

For a house built in the 1890s, it is in fantastic condition. It boasts a unique design with the rare feature of stretching between streets, allowing us to have two street level entrances . The small town of Cianciana is nestled into a hillside with such steep streets that one side of the house is 3 levels and the other is only one above ground. Luckily for us there wasn't very much that needed to be done, so we've been able to do some basic updates and have some work done by local contractors while we are home in the US. We are very excited about this one! Perhaps this is where we were meant to retire. It has beautiful architecture and great original traits. On the lower floor on one street there is a garage with a large room partially carved into the mountain behind it - our very own 'cave' (we call it the dungeon - but it was actually a stable at one time) where we are currently having work done. One day we will have a terrazza on the roof! but not this day... We are so in love with our home here.