Who has a CAVE?

Published on 3 July 2023 at 09:38

As work continues on our Sicily home basement cave, I have to ask myself - how lucky are we to have such a unique opportunity to embrace the natural beauty of a space like this - INSIDE our house? When first viewing the home through videos from the US, we couldn't appreciate how fantastic this space really was. The rooms behind our garage (we've been told by previous owners) were once a place where bread was baked in a large stone oven, and at one time a stable. The distinctive elements that make this cave special - the rock formations, jagged wood & iron door, arched ceilings, & rugged textures - make it a perfectly imperfect place for us. 

At approximately 18ftx24ft for the main room, with three additional 'caves' or rooms off from the main - it is such a grand space. Although we needed to have the cement trough removed from the mouth of one of the caves, we want to keep as much of the original footprint intact as possible. We intend to embrace the natural elements of the mountain, blending them with functionality to create a harmonious fusion of history and modern living. With the help of our contractor friends in town, the plumbing has been installed for the new bathroom in one side cave room - and the concrete to level the floor and keep out the damp is going in! The rest of the photos will be added to the main renovation photo album for the house. Woohoo! We're on our way.

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